With Whimsy

April 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

I keep putting off posting my first blog post because I have no idea what you’re supposed to write in your first blog post. Typically, I think people talk about who they are and what they’re going to write about. But I’m not sure I have an answer for the latter just yet.

So instead of waiting until I figure that out to write, I’m just going to go for it.

I created this blog a few weeks ago. The title, With Whimsy, came naturally to me. Because I have always loved living life with whimsy. There’s so much beauty just hanging around for us to point out and think over.  So much joy to be found in the mundane.

But what’s so interesting is this concept seems so foreign to me right now. It’s been a tough April. Nothing terrible. Just a few different situations that I responded to in a strange way. I have felt like a different person. The kind who doesn’t know how to be joyful or appreciative of what she has.

And, then I read a blog tonight that just spoke to my heart. Jesus restores us and meets us where we are. And I thought about With Whimsy. And, I knew I needed to start writing now. And, already, I’m so thankful for this place to be real and vulnerable and reminded of this awesome gift God has given us to celebrate. I want to live my life with whimsy. So it’s here I’m going to start again.


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