Friday Favorites

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  • Design*Sponge’s Living In feature this week was The Sandlot. First of all, I LOVE Living In: (I mean, Moonrise Kingdom, You’ve Got Mail, Chocolat, AmelieMidnight in Paris?! Amazing.). Secondly, I concur with every sentiment they had about childhood movies and the fact that Sandlot actually continually exceeds my memories every time I watch it. Thirdly, how cool (?!?) are the pieces they chose to feature? I want to buy them all for my future children!!!
  • My friend Morgan is a very talented writer and blogs about her life on her blog, Morgangster. (I know – she’s so cool!) She blogged about the steadfastness of the Lord the other day. It was such a good reminder of the Lord’s constant presence, in circumstances both good and bad.
  • Morgan also highlighted Karla Pruitt on her blog and I’m in love. This Georgia On My Mind print is going to make its way into my home.
  • Also came across a new blog: Sweet Peach. It is a great addition to my obsession with Garden & Gun and all things classically Southern.
  • Romantics Anonymous. If you have Netflix, love chocolate and are a slight francophile, please go watch this. Now. Whimsy at its finest.
  • I’m loving Zara for women and SuitSupply for men this week!
  • Also, searching for a classic black pump for work. It is not an easy task. 1, 2, 3, or 4… just to start with.
  • Really thinking the next part of my home I need to get in order is my vanity. Here are some of the pins inspiring me: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • And finally, I think that EssieButton is everything a blog should be. She just gets me. Loved the Get Ready With Me video this week.

I leave you with this inspiration for your weekend. Start dreaming now!!

Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do*source*

Print Happy: Sean Tulgetske

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Steady as the Morning

Have you heard about Sean Tulgetske yet?? I feel like I’m seeing his name and his work everywhere all of a sudden and I’m loving it. Sean is a hand-letterer that recently started a collaboration with sevenly, an awesome organization that highlights a different product for purchase each week and gives the proceeds to a specific charity.

Sean’s work is everything I love: unique typography, against beautiful images, highlighting inspirational words.

Some of my other favorites are:

Thrilled this guy is getting so much attention and can’t wait to see more of his work in the future!

Beautify Your Office

June 26, 2013 § 5 Comments

If you’re a visual person, chances are you are somewhat affected by the space you work in. Working in an inspiring place can help you produce awesome results. Much of an office experience is affected by the amount of natural light you have, your view and the furniture. And oftentimes, those factors are completely out of your control.

But one thing that is completely within your control are your desk accessories. Here are some of my faves right now that could all be combined to contribute to a beautiful workspace:

1. Corkboard Map | 2. Take Note Ceramic Chalkboard | 3. Happy Notes | 4. Pinwheel Push Pins | 5. Lucite File Holder | 6. Lucite Tray | 7. Fluorescent Pencil Set | 8. Pomdelion Bouquet | 9. Paper Source Big Wall Calendar | 10. Succulent Table Arrangement (when fresh flowers aren’t available) | 11. Printable To-Do List | 12. Zinc Letter (and much cheaper DIY here!)

Other great desk accessory ideas can be found in these (mainly DesignLoveFest) posts:

And finally, my Pinterest board is pretty full of office inspiration if you’re interested. Let me know if you have a favorite office accessory designer!

Working Lady Style

June 25, 2013 § 2 Comments

Working in a corporate environment has its upsides [read: working with great people + challenging work + pay + benefits + stability]. And then it has its downsides. One of the main cons being formal attire.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE color and glittery things. These often find their way into my at home wardrobe. So finding a way to balance my personal style, while maintaining a professional appearance can be a challenge.

If you’re like me and needing to strike a balance between work appropriateness and fun, stylish clothing, I recommend trying out these work staples. I think you’ll find they will play well in almost any corporate setting.

Cafe Capri


Cafe Capri by J. Crew: Okay, ladies. This is like the skinny jean. If you’re anything like me, it took a while to get on board with the skinny jean. You kept thinking, “How could wearing skin-tight pants make me look slimmer?!? That can only draw majorly unwanted attention to my more sizable assets.” And in this case, you’ll probably ask yourself how wearing “high-water” pants with heels could possibly be stylish. But just go with me. These slim-fit, cropped/ankle pants are going to open up so many style doors for you. Not only does the tailored cut make you look thinner (and I mean this for any body type), it works with shirts tucked in or loose and flowy AND with flats or heels! This gives you a ton of flexibility when packing for a business trip and instantly upgrades your overall look. Start slowly by purchasing a black pair. It may not be long until you’re venturing into all kinds of colors and patterns!

Chambray Peter Pan Collar


Sunglint Chambray Tank by Maeve for Anthropologie: If I could wear straight-up chambray every day of the week, I would. If you’re not quite sure what chambray is, it’s basically a really soft denim [see here]. But this version is a little more dressed-up. And when you add in the Peter Pan collar, you’re golden. I would wear this tucked into pants with a nice belt. The reason I’m adding this as a staple is because of the cut of the top. Everyone needs a sleeveless top with a high neck that has some nice detailing, like on the collar here.

Polka Dot Blazer


Schoolboy Blazer in Dotted Linen from J. Crew: If we’re going for staples, you have to have a blazer. And since we’re tiptoeing into fun corporate attire, I think a simple polka dot is the way to do it. This blazer maintains structure and a level of sophistication, while adding something whimsical.

Suede Shoe


Suede Court Shoe from Zara: These shoes. I die. If you want to add some fun to your work wardrobe, 9 times out of 10, shoes (and other accessories) are the easiest and safest way to do it. For example here, the fuchsia is loud, but the structure of the shoe is pretty classic. You could pair this with a black suit and a white button-down and immediately take it from stuffy to chic.


J. Crew Factory Crystal Flower Stud Earrings and J. Crew Factory Half Moon Bracelet: The best way to polish off an outfit and take it from “color threw up all over her” or “does she think this is dress-up time?” to “wow, she looks incredible. i love that outfit!” is with accessories. Accessories are the finishing touch on an outfit and tie everything together. The two options here aren’t matchy-matchy, but they flow nicely and tie in well with the Peter Pan collar and polka dots above.

My goal with outfits is to always avoid “matchiness” and go for “flowiness.” That is quite a weird concept, but the idea is to pair things together [that I like – important] that complement each other, not match perfectly.

If you’re like me and work in a corporate environment, my hope is these staples will be an inspiration to you as you try and weave more fun into your wardrobe!

Makeup Monday: Fierce Red

June 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

This photo of Jessica Chastain is beyond stunning to me. The red hair, the red lips… it’s really flawless.

Jessica Chastain


I had a lot of fun trying to think through what it would take to recreate this look a couple of weeks ago. So I wanted to try that again to see what it would take to achieve Jessica’s perfect face above.

Makeup Forever

1. Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation: I have never worn this foundation, but people rave about it. She has such flawless skin here with a matte finish, so this seems like it would achieve the desired effect.


2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Dazzled: She has a slight tint to her lower cheeks that appears to be a warm pink, almost even a bronzy color. I think layering this number with a little bronzer beneath the apples of your cheeks would do the trick.

Bad to the Bronze

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze: EssieButton raves about this eyeshadow. I think it would perfectly mimic the beautiful, yet subtle bronze on her eyes.


4. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara: I have already waxed poetic about this stuff. It should do the trick.

Mineral Veil

5. bareMinerals Mineral Veil: Her makeup doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. To set the face nicely, be sure to top it off with a setting powder like Mineral Veil. This will keep your makeup in place all day and give you a lovely glow.

Hang Up

6. MAC Lipstick in Hang Up: Now let’s be honest. The true genius of this look is the sultry, deep berry lip. It’s almost impossible to find a color that has that perfect mixture of deep plum with the maroon highlights. But I think this MAC lipstick in Hang Up might be the perfect option. It would certainly still achieve the bold lip color that is so perfect in this look.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Summer Wishlist

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I have a couple of summery (short) vacations coming up in the next couple of months that I am really excited about. These are a few of the items I would love to bring with me for a relaxing beach day.

Summer Wishlist

DIY: Initial Print

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Remember how I love prints? (See here, here and here.) Well, I can’t really afford to spend $20 a pop on every one I like.

So I decided to take a shot at making one on my own. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the final product!

If you’re up for trying it too, you’ll need:

  • a canvas or thick paper
  • a thin paint brush (several sizes would have been better)
  • paint colors of your choice
  • a paper plate (for mixing paints)
  • paper towels and water for cleaning your paint brush

There isn’t much of an explanation for this one, so I’ll just show you how it was done:


If you aren’t really up for it, but would like to have one of your own, leave a note in the comments and we can talk through a custom design. (That’s a bit precocious considering it’s my first design — but I’ll get better each one I make!)

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