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June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

As I’m starting this whole dreaming thing, I’m learning it’s not necessarily so easy. I know dreams come easy for most, but not for me. I’m realizing I like a lot of things, but don’t necessarily feel very focused in one particular direction. Which leads me to my Question of the Day:


I asked this question several months ago when I began this journey. I started researching how the Disciples and others received their callings during Biblical times. Over and over, I saw that the Lord actively called each of the major characters to their destinies. If I’m being completely honest, as much as it was a relief that the Lord called them {they didn’t have to do anything}, it was also a little disheartening. I want to feel called to a specific purpose that I know the Lord has for me.

As I talked with others about this dilemma, I realized the people I respect seemed to think that when there is a lack of calling, the Lord is allowing you to prayerfully make a move, pursue a dream and he will be there with you through it.

Since that time, as I continue to keep dreaming, I feel so encouraged that the Lord is with me at each step, leading me towards a purposeful future, potentially even one I never thought possible. It is my continued prayer that he is my focus as I keep walking into the unknown.

So if there are others like me who struggle with indecision, a lack of calling or a fear of taking the wrong step, I encourage you to prayerfully make a decision and just do it. I think you’ll find that the Lord is growing you as you move forward in faith.


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