DIY: Father’s Day Card Part Two

June 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Now that you’ve created your bow-tie, it’s time to make the card. So I purchased some greeting card/post card paper at an office supply store like six years ago that I’m still working through. You can use that, or you could use a heavy cardstock and just fold it really nicely. You’re just going to hot glue the bow-tie to the top of the card, or the middle, or wherever you want it to go. IMG_9186 It’s so cute… something about bow-ties to me… ugh, I just love them! After that, it’s your choice. You could use markers or paint pens or stamps. (Or if you wanted to, you could print directly on the card and just hot glue the bow-tie after the fact.) But I chose to paint my message on the front. It was so fun and so easy! First, I began with a navy paint…

Then a turquoise highlighter. And finally a chartreuse highlighter.

You might want to make little tweaks here and there. And the final product ended up looking like this…

IMG_9208I don’t know about you, but my dad has an issue with accepting gifts… especially any he thinks you *might* have paid money for. So to have dedicated time beforehand to specifically hand-make him something… he’s going to die. It’s the perfect gift for mine. Hope it helps with your Father’s Day gifting!


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