My Favorites This Week

June 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

I love reading blogs. I love reading them so much that it’s hard to get around to writing mine because I keep linking onto new inspiration from one blog to the next.

So I thought I’d share some favorites of mine this week:

1. So 27 Is Weird… by DesignLoveFest. Y’all. This is so true. I’m this lovely age right now and can so resonate with Bri. One of the first paragraphs sums it up pretty beautifully: “someone commented on my photo, “So far 27 has been the strangest combination of courage and confusion I’ve had yet. But I like it.” that is exactly how i feel right now. my early 20′s were all about doing what i was “supposed to do.” and somehow 27 feels full of courage.” …Can you tell I’m feeling this based on all my big dreaming going on lately? Remember my first post and this one? I feel like this is just so on point.

2. Biz Ladies Profile: Joy Thigpen by DesignSponge. This interview with wedding stylist Joy Thigpen was fun to read. I have always thought Joy had such a unique job. To hear about how it all came together is super cool. My favorite advice in the post:

In your opinion, what are the top three things someone should consider before starting their own business?

1. What do you love to do? (What do you get lost in and don’t realize it’s 4am? What makes you feel alive?)

2. How can do that for others? (Who needs that done and is willing to pay for it?)

3. How do I manage my weaknesses? (What are they? Who can help me?)

3. The One That Is Hard To Write by The Small Things Blog. This was written by Kate several months ago. But she referenced it in her recent pregnancy announcement post. This to me is so special. This is the power of being a blogger. Kate is incredibly talented and has developed a great blog following by sharing her talent with others. She typically just shares hair and beauty love with others and leaves it at that. But when she shared her struggles with getting pregnant, she just showered the Gospel on her readers. And it was beautiful. And I was just really inspired and proud. Even though I don’t know her at all! Maybe I will get to one day and thank her.

What are some of your favorite daily reads?


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