Add Some Whimsy to Your Life!

July 23, 2013 § 2 Comments

In the mood for something whimsical? Want to put on some glitter, tulle and high heels, sip on a glass of wine annnnnnd watch an awesome movie?? [Don’t judge if that doesn’t sound like a fun night to you… some of us like to get dressed up and not go anywhere!]

If so, then I have some recommendations for an awesome night in!

Midnight in Paris – The epitome of a whimsical movie done well. Basic storyline: guy is in Paris on vacation with his fiance. He’s always loved Paris and dreams of how it would be to live there in the 20s. Magical things begin to happen. Quite possibly the best movie ever.

Moonrise Kingdom – This one is less whimsical in a magical way and more in a design, cinematography, costumes kind of way. Basic storyline: Two kids with a crush decide to run away together. Their parents, scout leaders and authorities don’t think this is such a good idea.

Amelie – Sigh. Amelie is the first of its kind. Aside from all the weird sex and nudity, this movie encapsulates what I love. Amelie is all about appreciating the little joys in life. Basic storyline: Amelie has led a sheltered life and she’s ready for adventure. As her first adventure ends up bringing pure joy to an elderly gentleman, she decides to focus her efforts on making people happy.

Chocolat – Another French film that just makes you smile… I mean Johnny Depp and chocolate. Need I say more? Basic storyline: Vianne has a gift of making chocolate… a very special chocolate that somehow affects the lives of the people who eat it. But the village mayor does not approve of Vianne and her chocolate shop. As Vianne continues to influence the town, you eventually see the impact the town has on her and her daughter, Anouk.

Romantics Anonymous – This is like the PG rated sister of Amelie and Chocolat combined. I think the French have something figured out. Basic storyline: Angelique is a trained chocolatier and extremely introverted, on the verge of agoraphobic. She gets a job selling chocolates for a dying chocolate shop, and ends up meeting someone along the way.

Penelope – This movie was basically a walking Anthro ad back in the day. Basic storyline: Penelope has gorgeous clothes, a fantastic treehouse room and beautiful curls. She just also happens to have been born with a family curse – a pig’s nose! Penelope’s family is on a mission to find someone to marry her and break the curse. When the guy comes along she thinks might be the answer, he says he can’t marry her…

The Legend of Bagger Vance – Many people I know did not enjoy this movie. But my challenge to you is to watch it again if you haven’t in several years. The acting is certainly sub-par. But, I just love the Southern storytelling and the music… oh, the music. That alone is enough to watch this again. Basic storyline: Ranolph Junuh was the South’s premiere golfer before he had a tragic experience in World War I. Now his old love, Adele, is hosting an exhibition golf tournament in order to save her late father’s Savannah golf course, and she needs Junuh to play. But the problem is, he’s lost his swing.

Now, please go grab some Milk Duds and enjoy these flicks that carry whimsy in spades!


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