Seven Must-Have Nail Polishes

July 24, 2013 § Leave a comment


There’s something about freshly-painted nails that just makes me calmer and more joyful. It’s the weirdest thing. Does it have the same effect on you??

Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a few polishes and these are a few of my faves.


These three are my fave essie red/pinks. Tart Deco is the perfect orangey coral. Geranium is the quintessential fire red (my favorite red polish of all time). And Cute as a Button is a perfect pink. In certain lighting, it can be quite bright, on the verge of a neon pastel. Of the three, I would say that Geranium is most work appropriate, followed by Cute as a Button and then Tart Deco. Although, paired with the right outfit, all three should do just fine.

Turquoise and Caicos is my favorite fun essie color. I have used Mint Candy Apple before, and while it is a true mint, it looks too milky and not fresh enough. Turquoise and Caicos is the perfect level of opaqueness and is really gorgeous on your toes… especially in the summer! Work appropriateness isn’t high on this one, unless you’re office is a more casual place or you just feel like pushing the limits!


These two Revlon choices are a little outside the norm for what I would pick out. But I received them as gifts and actually love them! Rich Rasberry is a nice magenta-purple color and Passionate Pink is a shockingly great pink. It kind of gets better as you wear it, which is typically not the case with most nail polishes. Rich Rasberry is semi-work-appropriate, depending on your outfit and the season, and Passionate Pink is 100% approved for the workplace.

This Color Club polish in Reign in Spain came in my Birchbox last month and I am in love! It is very similar in nature to Tart Deco, but definitely has a bit more neon in it. Gorgeous for wearing to the pool, but not likely to fly in your work environment unless you are in a creative field.

Do you have some nail polish favorites? I’m always on the lookout for one to ask for as a stocking stuffer!


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