Working Lady Style: Outfit Inspiration

August 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

Want to add a little whimsy to your working wardrobe? I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the outfits I like to wear around the office to add some fun to the corporate attire.

{please excuse the wrinkly sheet — it was the best white background I had!}

IMG_9626I love pairing different, but not competing, patterns and colors together to achieve a visually fun outfit! In this case, my main staples were a polka dot chambray shirt, a floral pencil skirt, and some maroon heels. My work environment is fairly formal, so really only the shiny, structured chambray like this kind is appropriate. But if you’re in a more casual office environment, I have seen the more casual chambray worked into some amazing outfits!

I added in some unexpected accessories and some styling details, and called it a day!

The biggest point I can make on pulling together unexpectedly fun outfits is you have to wear them with confidence. I spent years trying to put together outfits I thought were stylish and fit the trends. Then one day, I realized that {a} I was never going to be able to interpret the “next big thing” in time to really be in vogue and {b} even if I had the vision, I would never be able to afford it.

So I decided to just start wearing what I liked. It took me a while to wear it without worrying what everyone was thinking about me. I’m sure those years were a little awkward for others. A lot of looking at an outfit and wondering if something was off and just not being able to put their finger on it.

But now, I just wear it. I like what I’m wearing and I’m not that worried if you don’t, as long as it isn’t offensive! Most of the time, that comes off as “style,” which is really cool. You are getting this awesome affirmation that your sense of style is on point, without having to try too hard. It’s a pretty encouraging reminder that God created us as individuals. And when we embrace who we are, we find a sweet spot and inspire others to find theirs as well.


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