Let’s Make Habits: Week 1

August 20, 2013 § 2 Comments


So last week, Jenny invited all of us to join her on a two-month goal-setting and -achieving journey. It is a fantastic idea and I love the challenge to stay committed to something through accountability and encouragement.

My goal is to read my Bible every day and keep a journal.


This week, we develop a schedule and determine a plan of action. Like some of the other bloggers taking part in the challenge, I have a little less of a schedule due to the type of goal I set.

But as for a plan of action, my hope is to read every day and write five days out of the week. Right now, as I’m getting started, it’s awkward. I don’t know how to really approach my writing. Do I write in first person or third? Do I write to God, to myself, or to the void? Do I write prayers or more recaps of the day? Do I write pages and pages, or just my thoughts?

So I’m giving myself grace at the beginning to try out different things. To see what feels most natural. And to write only as much as I feel compelled to. Last weekend, I simply wrote: “In Madison. Resting my body and my spirit. Thankful.” And I’m really okay with that! I think my future self will read excerpts like that and be encouraged that I took the time to rest. But I hope there are days as the process goes on where I talk about what I’m learning during the times of rest.

Bottom line is: I want to write five times a week and see what happens. I’m already surprising myself here and there. {insert awesome emoji}

So, that’s it for now! I am so excited to follow the journeys of the others participating in the challenge. It’s going to be so rewarding to see where we all end up after two months!


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