Working Lady Style: Stripes & Glitter

August 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

IMG_9699As you know by now, I love adding a little fun to the traditionally boring corporate attire. Two of my favorite ways to bring in some flair are stripes and glitter!

This outfit is one of my favorite go-tos because it’s professional enough for work, but doesn’t feel constricting and still incorporates a huge amount of my personality. I actually wore this Monday, came home and changed, and then put it back on to go to a dinner later that night. You don’t really do that with a traditional suit, do you??

Outfit 1It consists of:

The shirt is from J. Crew Factory and has a nice, boxy shape to it, which I like when it’s tucked in. There’s a similar sleeveless version here.

IMG_9689The skirt is actually from Forever 21 {there’s a similar style here in a brighter color}. It’s a loose A-line that hits a little above the knee. The combination of the shirt tucked into the higher-waisted skirt is a little reminiscent of 90s style… and I don’t hate it.

IMG_9690The belt is from J. Crew Factory also and is one of my favorite accessories! It is such a small part of the outfit, but packs a lot of punch. A belt is also a good way to tip-toe into some more fun outfits at work. Try it out in a pop of color {like this one!}, or with some glitter or a pattern and see how you feel!

IMG_9687The shoes are just simple nude pumps from Target. Nude pumps are one of the most important staples in the working lady’s closet. They go with relatively everything, elongate the leg, and are very elegant. I mean Kate Middleton rocks them out regularly, so you know they’re good.

Accessories are the cherry on top of this sweet little outfit. The earrings are from Target, the watch is Michael Kors {my husband’s amazing Christmas present to me last year}, and the necklace is {shockingly} Charlotte Russe. A lot of women feel the need to perfectly match their jewelry: silver with silver, small with small, round with round. But I’m here to say it’s more fun when you mix it up! I love pairing silver and gold, diamonds with costume jewelry, and multiple colors. This is something you will get better at with practice. But start venturing down that path, and I think you’ll be surprised at how your jewelry box opens up a new world of combinations for you to try!

I hope these posts are helpful as you start trying to expand your working wardrobe. It’s fun to share!!


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