Let’s Make Habits

August 27, 2013 § 4 Comments


It is so funny how just having some accountability {read: worrying you’re going to fail and this time, someone’s going to know about it, which we just can’t have} is so motivating when it comes to achieving our goals.


My goal was to read my Bible every night and write in my journal five times a week. I read my Bible six nights last week and wrote in my journal five times!!

I’m still getting the hang of finding my journaling style. But thanks to some recommendations from fellow journalers, I have decided to write to God. And I am feeling much more comfortable now.


If I’m being honest, many nights, the only reason I wrote was because I knew I was going to have to write this blog post. And I guess that’s the point, right? I’m hoping that as the time goes on, the motivation will begin to come from within. I am thinking I might need to put a few more boundaries in place in order to get me to write more than a couple of sentences to count the day towards my five days. So this week, I’m going to try to write about what I’m learning from the Lord one day and about my dreams for the next year one day. We’ll see if having something specific to write about will help me put a few more words on the page.

This week is going to be extra hard though, because, as I mentioned, I’m going on a cruise with some girlfriends at the end of the week. I don’t see journaling happening at night, so I will plan to write in the mornings. Maybe that will help me make it happen.

Thanks to all the ladies going through this journey together! Because of you all and my fear of not accomplishing my goal publicly, I might actually start a habit of journaling!


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§ 4 Responses to Let’s Make Habits

  • Charlotte says:

    Congrats! And good luck for next week. 🙂

    Charlotte // http://www.midnightcaramel.com

    • Thanks, Charlotte! I feel like I’m starting to gain some ground. Congrats on your achievements with running this week — I haven’t been able to run 20 minutes straight yet after several months of running. So I’m super impressed! Good luck on Jillianing this week!

  • Great job! I think it’s okay to do it just because you know you’ll have to post about it. Eventually it will become a habit 🙂 Have so much fun on your cruise!

    • Thanks, Amanda! You were right… this week it became much more enjoyable and less about having to do it. I loved reading about your completed New Year’s resolutions! It was very inspiring to see you completed four goals while I’m working to complete this one. Your point about setting good goals and gaining confidence that you can achieve them is very motivating as I continue on my journey!

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