Let’s Make Habits

September 3, 2013 § Leave a comment


I knew this week would be a difficult one with the cruise happening. I did end up journaling two of the five cruise days, which I am considering a win. And I read my Bible four days out of the week as well. I finally made it out of Leviticus and into Numbers which is an enormous relief. This week, I’m traveling for work and should be able to stay more committed.


I think this week was a good reminder that life happens. And grace is a good thing. Taking a break and journaling when I could was actually really inspiring, oddly enough. The times I was able to journal, I felt like they were really quality thoughts. I feel like I’m starting to really get into the groove again and it’s so good for the soul. And that feeling of “rightness” is the motivation I’ve been needing. This week, I hope to write more about what I’ve been learning from the Lord and more about dreams for Joel and I in the next year.

And as I mentioned earlier, I finally made it to Numbers in my Bible-reading program. This is hugely motivating as Numbers reads a little more like a story and has some really interesting history. I’m excited to keep reading.

I hope everyone else has been making progress on their goals. I feel like we’re starting to form the habits we need to be successful!


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