Let’s Make Habits

October 3, 2013 § Leave a comment



Good news! While I fell off the blogging bandwagon for two (three?) weeks, I did not fall off the journaling bandwagon. Quite the contrary actually. In the intensity of my work life over the last several weeks, I felt myself needing to journal to deal with all of the stress and emotion I was feeling. And because I had set up the habit, it didn’t feel awkward or forced. It felt like exactly the avenue I needed to talk to God. If you know me, I can be a talker. But while I function as an extrovert to people I know well, I’m actually an introvert by definition. I need me time. And I feel more comfortable writing than talking (because I can take my time to say what I want, instead of being reactionary in conversation… don’t know if that makes sense). So journaling has been a much-needed sanctuary for me and has probably kept me from a few irrational behaviors I’ve felt tempted towards.

I’m so thankful for this journey. Having the accountability was critical in me getting to this point. I’m already thinking about what my next habit might be! Thank you to Jenny for getting us all started and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!


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