Makeup Monday: Coach Poppy

November 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Y’all. I don’t really consider myself a perfume kind of girl. I have had a total of three perfumes in my possession over the last 10 years, and I really only use two of them. The other one is just sitting on my bathroom counter, collecting dust.

But I have found something that makes me change my whole thought on the matter. I might just be a perfume girl.

While wandering the aisles of Sephora over the weekend {this is starting to become an expensive habit}, I came across the rollerball display. Curious, I started investigating, assuming they all would smell “nice” to me, but that I wouldn’t really find anything I liked {read: I thought this was a safe display to hover on because I thought I wouldn’t be tempted to buy anything}. But my plan went awry and I stumbled upon a perfume that had me at hello.

Coach Poppy 1

Coach Poppy. The fragrance was so lovely that I literally kept trying to smell other samples, but would come back to this one every other time just to smell it again. You would have thought I had tried heroin for the first time… I was addicted that fast. And after that, there was no hope. I would not be leaving Sephora without this amazing gem.

Thankfully for me, this new rollerball phenomenon has made it much more affordable to try a smaller dosage of a perfume to make sure you really love it before investing in the full size. So this little beauty made its way home with me.

Coach Poppy

The fragrance profile overall is friendly and sweet. It’s very clean and uncomplicated. But all the while, maintains a maturity that most other flowery perfumes don’t get right. It’s something I feel like Marion Cotillard or even Kate Middleton might wear by day. A confident, elegant friendliness. Is that even a thing? I don’t know, but Poppy just made it one. Really, really lovely.

I recently read an Allure article that said the newest trend in perfume is to layer fragrances to make your own unique scent. The idea of being able to actually customize a fragrance that relatively no one else has is fascinating to me. Scent is an intense memory trigger, so to be able to layer a fragrance or two to create an olfactory experience that communicates who you are to those around you just seems like a wonderful new way to express yourself. I love Poppy so much as it is, but I love the idea of being able to pair it with something else when I am ready for a change in the future.

What are your favorite perfumes? Is there one you feel like reflects your personality best?


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