Loving Lately: Ellie Holcomb

January 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Have any of you ever heard of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors? They’ve been featured on tons of television shows and were even the featured song for the 2012 NBA season intro that they played over and over and over that year.


Well Drew’s wife, Ellie, who is also part of the band, is branching out on her own and creating her first full-length album this year. No offense to Drew, because I do love his music, but oh Ellie! She’s one of a few different artists that have been an answer to prayer for me and probably several others. We’ve been in need of beautiful singers telling the story of the Gospel through beautiful lyrics. And Ellie does just that.

I have had her two EPs, Magnolia and With You Now, on repeat for the past few weeks and they are filled to the brim with truth and beautiful melodies. Per Wednesday’s post, I have been in serious need of the reminders of God’s faithfulness, love and compassion towards us.  These lyrics have been like salve on a wound for me, and I think they would be to most women going through a difficult time.

The most precious song of hers to me is With You Now. The sweetest line of all is:

When you sing your sad songs, I will learn the words and sing along.

Give it a listen and fall in love with her as much as I have. You can preorder her new album, As Sure As the Sun, on iTunes after your inevitable obsession begins.


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