With Whimsy

My house is decked out in fabric flowers, bird garlands, pom poms and Little Miss books. I love glitter and flowers and blankets. While images are beautiful, I often find that an appropriately-chosen font speaks as sweetly to my soul. Were it socially acceptable, I would still write in a Lisa Frank journal and wear makeup found in the most outrageous Sephora ad. My goal in life is to be a grandma… which is really convenient for that whole getting older thing. No birthday is a sad affair in my world.

More importantly, I am married to my best friend and, hands-down, the most selfless man I know. I still receive love letters, flowers and back-scratches daily from my husband of three plus years. He leads me by example in how to love big and judge little. I hope I can learn how to copy him by the time we have kiddos. He’s a big encourager of my child-like brain, and makes me feel special for it instead of silly. I love him big time.

I think that God is a mighty, whimsical God. I think He created this universe with unending mysteries and joys and happinesses that we don’t always see. I hope this little place serves as a jar of collected whimsies that we can open and marvel at together.


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  • carmen says:

    Hi Ashleigh!

    Your home sounds whimsical, a lovely place to share with your loving husband (and future children!).

    You are an excellent writer!! I am following you (perhaps your first follower?) and looking forward to your thoughts and adventures!!

    Keep smiling, the joy in your heart shows on your face!! 🙂

    ❤ carmen

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