Pinterest Wins

June 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Have you ever seen that Pinterest Fail website? It is hilarious! Nailed it!

I have definitely had my share of Pinterest fails from trying out projects or recipes that look awesome, and turn out to be terrible. So I thought I would share some that have been huge hits for me in the past. And, as you’ll learn is the norm with me, they are desserts!!


Momofuku’s Butter Cake Bars

I mean. Let me just tell you. Had a really bad day? Eat these. Celebrating a major milestone? Eat these. Just chilling on the couch and the baking mood hits? Eat these. Super easy. SUUUUUUPER delicious.


Sopapilla Cheesecake

Ready for another easy and delicious dessert?? This one is a great exclamation point at the end of taco night. I was shocked at how simple this was to make and how much my hubby loved it.

We Pinteresters need to look out for each other! So please share some of your biggest wins – food or otherwise. There are Pinterest wins out there, we just need to help each other find them!


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